Build for the views - Stay for the Lifestyle

Why should you make Kohekohe Park your new home?

Amazing views of the Kapiti Coast and Waikanae

Located on the hills right below the edge of the Hemi Matenga Memorial Park, Kohekohe Park offers some of the finest sections in Waikanae to set up your new home. Very few locations on the Kapiti Coast display such amazing views over the city of Waikanae and of Kapiti Island, so this really is a unique opportunity. Wake up each morning seeing the Kapiti Island illuminated by the morning sun, and then observe a beautiful sunset over the Island in the evening.

Enjoy the Hemi Matenga national park at your doorstep

Being situated right below the border of the Hemi Matenga Memorial Park, Kohekohe Park offers a unique benefit that very few locations can give. The native forest contains a number of nature walks that can be accessed just minutes away from Kohekohe Park, allowing you to easily get right amongst nature and take in some breathtaking views from the top of the hill. Additionally, the trees produce a windbreak from many angles, producing a serene pocket free from the windy gusts that the Wellington region is known for. You will also enjoy the sounds of the birds that make the forest their home as well as the streams that run through it.

New and easy transit to and from Wellington City

Due to the housing limitations closer to Wellington City, ease of access to the outer towns of the region was developed in the form of the new Express Way. This will make the commute to and from Wellington City a lot faster and easier, and once transmission gully is finished, the commute will be even shorter. And even if driving isn’t for you, you can easily get the train straight there and back. This is a fantastic reason to set up your new home in Waikanae even if you work in Wellington City. As such, many people have already realised this and taken action in setting up their new life here.

Enjoy all the amenities the Kapiti Coast has to offer

The Kapiti Coast is filled with hidden gems that will always keep you entertained and make it a great place to live. Waikanae is renowned for its brilliant restaurants, bars and cafes, so if enjoying fine eating is for you, Waikanae is the place to be. You will never be far from shopping as the fantastic Coastlands shopping center is just a short 10 minute drive from Kohekohe Park. There are a number of great schools, sports clubs, and social clubs available, as well as outdoor activities such as walks, mountain biking, kayaking and much more. And of course we can’t forget to mention the amazing beaches that the Kapiti Coast is known for.

Get connected to the latest modern utilities

With access to utilities such as water from local water sources, fibre internet, and natural gas connections provided by First Gas, you will not be without any of the modern utilities on offer. For more information about using natural gas and getting connected, check out the First Gas website.

Enjoy the peaceful Waikanae lifestyle

Away from the hustle and bustle of the big city, traffic, crowds, and noisy neighbours will be a thing of the past. Instead of a concrete jungle you will be surrounded by nature, seeing green on the hills and the flats, and the blue of the ocean. But that being said, you will never be without the conveniences you are used to, as mentioned in the paragraphs above. This is what makes Kohekohe Park such a unique and desirable opportunity. This is something more and more people are seeing as they discover Kohekohe Park. So make sure you contact us to secure your interest.

Choose your new section

Have a look at our site plan for Kohekohe Park. As you can see it is a beautifully laid out community with a range of sections to suit all tastes. And because it is on a hill, most sections can enjoy the amazing views.

To get an idea of what sections have already sold, visit the Sections For Sale page.

And to learn the costs, be sure to contact us directly.

Over 55 sections sold already! Contact us now to secure your interest in a section.